Quick Setup in just 3 Minutes


Presets in the amplifier software simplify commissioning. A ‚tuning-less‘ function allows immediate use of the Sigma-7 without the need for complex parametrisation or special knowledge of control equipment, while an auto-tuning function ensures quick adjustment.

  • Preset parameter in the amplifier software simplify commissioning
  • Tuning-less-function allows immediate use of Sigma-7
    - no complex parameterization
    - without special knowledge of control technology
  • The Auto-Tuning Function ensures rapid adaptation to the load
  • Daisy-Chain-Wiring allows convenient connection from device to device and reduces installation time
  • European Connector with Quick Locking works on the principle Plug & Turn for easy and simple wiring.

High Machine Throughput


Faster, more accurate and with shorter settling time, Sigma-7 offers higher machine efficiency and faster settling time resulting in higher throughput. Our Sigma-7 Systems can synchronize a high number of axes and automatically adjust to the load. Built-in functions like vibration suppression, as well as friction- and ripple compensation make for consistently fast commissioning.

  • High Control Performance
  • Speed + accuracy at the same time
  • Synchronizing of a high number of axes
  • Vibration suppression, fast positioning
  • Automatic adjustments to the load

Stable Production, less Machine Stand Still Time


Sigma-7 reduces the overall costs by providing faster machine setup, higher throughput with more products in less time and reduced machine downtimes due to the high reliability of our products.

  • Over 25 years experience with more than 12 million devices in the field.
  • The highest quality standards in production (34 ppm)
  • Sigma-7 was developed for more than 60.000 hour operation time and specified for 55 °C ambient temperature in the cabinet (typical are 20.000 hour)

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Sigma-7 Serie

Sigma-7 mit SAFETY Karte