Developed to extend the robot working envelope and integrated in the robot controller.


The TS-100D is a high speed servo powered traverse track for small MOTOMAN robots.

It can be used to transport one robot from one station to another, or to increase robots working range. With its narrow design, the TS100-D can get the robot very close to an object.

It is available in fixed lengths of 2, 3 and 4 meters and is easy to install and to operate.



The TSL are a high-performance servo powered floor mounted tracks with one or two robot sockets.

These tracks have a maximum payload of 4,000 kg, a travel length of up to 24 metres and a maximum speed of 1.8 m/s.

It can be used to transport a robot from one station to another or to increase the robot's working envelope, such as when welding large components. The TSL-1000 model is available with a variety of options and accessories and can be adapted easily to your requirements. The TSL-2000 and 4000 models are ideal for high payloads and high-speed applications.

TSL Tracks

TSL 600

TSL 1000

TSL 2000/4000

Video TSL200

VST rotating base

The VST is a servo powered rotating base.

The rotating base has a maximum payload of 2,500 kg and can extend the robots reach by 1,000 mm or 1,100 mm, depending on the robot model.

It is available in three sizes, covering the entire MOTOMAN robot product line with a handling capacity ranging from 6 kg to 500 kg. The VST is synchronised with the robot. This simplifies the programming, and the robust design makes it an economical and maintenance-free solution.