About our ACADEMY

Your success is our motivation

One key to success is the appropriate education of your staff. The YASKAWA ACADEMY offers you a broad range of courses tailored to the Level of knowledge of participants - from entry-level to expert. Our course Programme is modular and offers the right Training module for nearly all applications and every Level of knowledge.

Many participants praise our balanced approach, in which the practical application is being moved in the foreground next to the theoretical parts of the course. In this manner, we guarantee efficient and practice-oriented learning and ensure that the acquired knowledge can be applied directly on returning to the company.

Our team of trainers is always on the knowledge forefront concerning automation technology due to ongoing advanced training. The trainers at the Centrum Szkoleniowe YASKAWA Polska gladly create a training concept based on your request with your individual and customized expectations. Motivate your employees, increase user safety and reduce downtime through targeted advanced training at the Centrum Szkoleniowe YASKAWA Polska.

With our Training Programme we want to:

  • Impart them with knowledge to enable proper action
  • Give you security an confidence in your facility
  • Provide you and your employees with further qualifications through training for facility avalibility to secure your robotic systems at a high level
  • To Support you at an early stage so that problems finde no foothold
  • Assist you with your processes and thus help to optimize and secure the productivity of your facility
  • With increasing yield from your facility
  • To guarantee your success. Because your success is our motivation!
  • Manfred Stern
President & CEO, YASKAWA Europe GmbH
    Our customers are the experts when it comes to solving concrete problems practically. Our products are tools that enable our customers to effectively realize the developed solutions. However, to get the most from the products, it is necessary to obtain accurate knowledge about the functionality of the components and – what gains more and more in importance – to recognise the interaction of the products in the group system and to exploit opportunities.
    Exactly that is the task of our YASKAWA academy, namely imparting this knowledge to our customers. Our team is in the position to provide broad and detailed expert knowledge about our products – but also to discuss solutions in dialogue with our customers: from the product to the solution! Control technology, drive technology and robotics grow together more and more in concrete applications. It is therefore only logical that the YASKAWA Academy now offers an integrated training approach, which embraces all YASKAWA product lines. – For the benefit of our customers!
    Manfred Stern
    President & CEO, YASKAWA Europe GmbH
  • Torben Schäfer
    We live training! We steadily optimize our training concept due to the close relationship to our customers. Training module adjustment, usage of new teaching methodes and practical turorials are important to us - we take care of our customers' needs. This flexible approach to education mixed with a personal friendly training environment ensures success for our customers and the ACADEMY. Torben Schäfer