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28. styczeń 2016

For its five state-of-the-art hatcheries, the Dutch company Probroed & Sloot relies on exemplary standards of quality for the day-old chicks it produces – and for its sustainability. The responsible employees at the company are constantly looking for new solutions to reduce energy consumption. One current measure is converting the drives of some 200 circulation fans to YASKAWA motors of the highest efficiency class, IE4.

Turning an egg into a healthy, high-performance broiler chicken requires a complex poultry production chain. Based in the Dutch city of Groenlo, Probroed & Sloot has specialised in the hatching process: the independent company has five of its own hatcheries in the Netherlands and Germany, where it produces top-quality day-old chicks. Achieving this goal takes years of experience and a great deal of innovation, also evidenced by the company’s in-house research and development department. For example, a special track-and-trace system allows monitoring of every single chick.

Probroed & Sloot’s objectives for sustainability are just as ambitious. Saving energy is a particular point of focus. Reusing heat from exhaust air is just one of the measures the company takes. Probroed & Sloot’s latest optimisation has been retrofitting the circulation fans in the hatching chambers. There are around 200 of these chambers just at the Groenlo location, and they operate around the clock, seven days a week. With a continuous load like this, measures to boost energy efficiency are particularly important.

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